Hair to the Queen! meets Teo the Great: A Childs Approach to Cancer

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Teo the Great: A Child's Approach to Cancer

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Hair to the Queen!

  • Written by Tamara B. Rodriguez
  • Illustrated by Carole A. Smith

About the Book

Written by Tamara B. Rodriguez and illustrated by Carole A. Smith, Hair to the Queen! is a children's picture book written to help parents introduce cancer to their children in a simple, compassionate way.

Hair to the Queen! is told in the voice of seven-year-old Corazon as she prepares for a costume party to celebrate her birthday. Corazon's mother is battling cancer and wears a wig after losing her hair. With the help of her father, sister, and friends, Corazon uses her birthday celebration as an opportunity to plan a special surprise for her courageous mom.

From the perspective of a father, husband, and one who treats cancer as a Radiation Oncologist, I just loved this book. This is a must read/have for anyone who wants to discuss cancer with their young children and grandchildren. It is written with such love and compassion. A winner! Dr. Jean-Philippe Austin, 21st Century Oncology

Ms. Rodriguez wrote Hair to the Queen! after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. She wanted to talk about the disease with her two young daughters, but struggled to find the right words. This book is meant to help other families start the conversation in a fearless way.

Hair to the Queen! has been praised by the medical community, including medical oncologist, Dr. Lauren Carcas, Florida Cancer Care, in Plantation, FL, as an "excellent read...absolutely essential for any child whose parent is being treated for cancer. Hopeful, provides just enough information to satisfy a child's curiosity about a potentially scary topic."